P1 Battery is committed to top quality and service. We are building an unmatched brand with an enthusiastic and highly-experienced team of battery professionals.

Our Gold Series P1 batteries are produced in the United States with the most innovative technologies consistently being implemented throughout the manufacturing process. The P1 Silver Series batteries were developed with next generation battery technology. They are fully maintenance free and built with quality and precision that meets the highest international quality and performance standards.

We are also committed to the recycling process. Our partner recycling facility processes approximately 30,000 batteries per day – recycling virtually 100% of each spent battery received for processing.

Xpedition Batteries

P1 Batteries have previously been distributed under several different labels. One of those labels is Xpedition, which has been used on OEM installed batteries in the RV market. We have updated branding on those batteries to show P1 Battery as the brand of those Xpedition series batteries moving forward. If you have a yellow themed Xpedition battery, it is indeed a P1 Battery and is sold by and distrubuted through our network of Battery Specialists.

Other Battery Labels

P1 Battery is a brand that launched in 2023, but our batteries have been in the market for over 30 years. Other common brands that have been consolidated to P1 Battery include: Transcontinental, Tech’s Choice and Prestige Power. 

Xpedition Battery Label by P1 Battery
P1 Battery Xpedition